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 You Can get Rules, Registration and Regulations at City Hall,


        Market times: 7 AM to 2 PM, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, April  through October on the North and West sides of the downtown square at no charge.

        Spaces:  Selling spaces will be on a First-come, First-serve basis.   Vendors may set up one (1) hour prior to opening time.  NO reserved spaces.

        Pricing:  Each vendor establishes their own pricing for their products. They provide their own tables, signs, stands, tents, and any other necessary items to conduct their business.      

        Each vendor is responsible for their own sales tax obligations.

        Cleaning:  Vendors shall keep their own spaces neat and clean; and shall haul off their own trash.

        No rummage or flea market items.  No soliciting.

        Animals:  No live animals shall be sold or brought to the market area.

        Items Allowed:  Locally grown, fresh, unspoiled produce, home-made crafts, and/or home-baked goods, jams, jellies and no hazardous preserves.

        Items NOT Allowed:  No cream pies, canned fruits or vegetables, dressed meats or meat by-products, milk or milk by-products, or other potentially hazardous foods (including pickles),

        UNLESS the vendor has and displays a current license to sell such items and federal, state, and local health rules are followed.          

        Children: Parents are responsible for and should control their children.

        Complaints:  Complaints may be filed at City Hall.

        Resale ItemsResale items allowed are “Produce Only” and shall be sold only on the East side of the square.

        Items purchased from another party shall not be sold on the North or West sides of the square. Resale items may be sold during

        Downtown Market Place   days     and    times. 

        Resale items sold any other time and in any other location shall be subject to the City’s Vendor License fees of twenty-five ($25) dollars per day.

       The City of Mountain Grove and the Downtown Market Place are not  responsible for accidents.






        I have read and agree to abide by the rules of the

     Mountain Grove Downtown Market Place.


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